Campaign tee shirts by T Shirt1 are a great way to get your message out at a very low cost per exposure. Whether your campaign is political, theological, altruistic, special interest or common cause in nature we can help.

Our most popular shirt is the G5000 by Gildan. This lightweight garment prints well, comes in a wide variety of colors and will hold your message for years to come. However these shirts are usually imported from Central American countries which fall under the auspices of the CAFTA-DR trade agreement. We consider this to be an imported entry level garment thus offering the lowest pricing.

We also offer an assortment of American made products in an array of colors. These products are more limited in the number of styles and colors. They are generally offered in long and short sleeve tees, polo shirts and caps. Union made tee shirts are offered in basic colors and come in long and short tees, with or without pockets.

At T Shirt1 we utilize the all inclusive pricing method which instantly shows your cost per unit. Our convenient Midwestern location offers two day ground transportation to over seventy five percent of the lower forty eight states with three and four day airfreight options for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the USVI. T Shirt1 is also able to offer deeply discounted airfreight service to our international clients. This too is included in our international pricing. All import duties and /or value added taxes are the responsibility of the client.

For more information please click on any of the T Shirt1 links or feel free to email or call our office at
888-T Shirt1 (874-4781).

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